The Ultimate Version of Call Me Maybe

This is how you make a video go viral by taking a pop song that was already hugely popular amongst many music listeners and internet users and giving it a unique spin. The song, “Call Me Maybe” was widely used in various internet memes, which caught the attention of many and ultimately made the song even more shareable.

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Get Personal With YouTube: History And Facts (Infograph)

youtube-historyEveryone has something they wish to share with the world. It could be a musical or artistic talent; or a company’s product or service. No matter if it is your personal or business side you wish to showcase, the social video site, YouTube, can help you do it. Many of us have videos just sitting on our computers of family events or school plays and have nowhere to put them. Businesses may have videos of tips and tricks to using their products or video webinars, but no one is watching. Get personal with your friends, family, and/or potential customers by getting personal with YouTube.

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