Tweet like a Boss: 5 Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

5-Tips-To-Get-More-Retweets-On-TwitterTwitter is more than just a place for chatter, it is a place where content is shared, re-shared, and shared again. If done right, Twitter can spread 140 characters to a limitless amount of people, but it takes more than slapping a few words together and a push of the “Tweet” button to get a retweet. It takes a person who wants to take control of their tweets, maximize their tweeting potential and draw the attention from their followers, you know, kind of like a boss would.

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Twitter Tweets and Followers: Quality vs. Quantity, or Is It?

Twitter-quantity-and-quality-followersThere has been some debate and confusion as to how many followers one should have on Twitter, as well as, to the quality one puts out when tweeting. It seems that many are looking for a magic number to solidify their importance and/or ranking on this social network, but does it really matter how many followers one has or what exactly it is they are tweeting about?

Yes and Yes, but it may not be what you are thinking.

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Twitter Looks To Introduce Advertisements Into Users’ Timelines: Will It Work?

twitter-advertismentsTwitter is reportedly looking to introduce advertisements into users’ timelines to generate revenue from audiences on this popular social site. Thus far, Twitter has failed at being successful in making money from their networking services, in comparison to other similar social sites such as Facebook.

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Twitter Brings Interactivity To Tweets With ‘Web Intents’

twitter_web_intentsMost blog or website owners have at least one “Tweet Button“, if not more, located on their site. This social button, encourages readers to share content through re-tweeting site pages or posts, to hopefully attract new blog readers and website visitors. However, up until this point, that is all a person could do with this social tool, that is until today.

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Charlie Sheen And Twitter: A #Winning Combination

charlie_sheen_twitterMost of us cannot turn on the television or surf the web without seeing or hearing about the troubled star, Charlie Sheen. His recent behavior and strange interviews have alerted many of us in thinking he might be having some kind of meltdown. Sheen recently lost his job from the show, Two And A Half Men and the custody of his two children. It would seem that Sheen’s popularity should be plummeting, but in actuality it’s on the rise.

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