A Visual Guide to How Users Interact On Pinterest

How Pinterest is Used

Pinterest is a site that not only lets us discover cool finds and interesting images, but provides us with the ability to form collections of items that are of interest to us. To say that there is some-what of a pull and fascination that takes over immediately after the first repin occurs would not be an exaggeration, for often times, what was supposed to be a few minutes of looking at images on Pinterest, usually ends up being a few hours. For businesses, this makes marketing a much easier process for they can be easily found and their products discovered through pins, repins, and boards on Pinterest.

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The Importance of Adding a Photo to a Facebook Post


The whole point of posting a status update to Facebook, no matter what the post is about, is to have it be seen by other Facebook users and to have them engage with you because of it. Whether you are sharing what you ate for breakfast or a blog article you have read, the goal is to have your posts show up in other people’s newsfeeds. The most effective way to make your status update get the views and interactions you want, is to attach a photo to the posts you are sharing.

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Get Personal With YouTube: History And Facts (Infograph)

youtube-historyEveryone has something they wish to share with the world. It could be a musical or artistic talent; or a company’s product or service. No matter if it is your personal or business side you wish to showcase, the social video site, YouTube, can help you do it. Many of us have videos just sitting on our computers of family events or school plays and have nowhere to put them. Businesses may have videos of tips and tricks to using their products or video webinars, but no one is watching. Get personal with your friends, family, and/or potential customers by getting personal with YouTube.

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