How to Increase Your Video Shares on Social Networks [Infographic]

Often wonder if you should be creating YouTube videos for your business or just for fun? Knowing how to put together an appealing, creative piece and in identifying who your target audience is going to be when designing and recording a video, is essential.

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5 Tips To Using Common Sense When Using Social Networks

social-networks-common-senseWe are living in a world where social networks allow us to browse information easily and share material instantly. The access to large amounts of content for just about anything and everything has never been so simple. Some information can be educational and worth a read, while others, may not even be worth our time. There is no doubt that it has come to the point where we can more than likely find out what our neighbors’, neighbor is doing on either Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube.

Creating status updates or tweets are simple enough tasks to do, but overtime the “Common Sense” factor is lost and/or forgotten. It seems that common sense is not so common after all.

Let’s get it back!

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