Skype: Social Network or Social Tool?

skype-social-network-or-social-toolThere has been a lot of buzz about Skype recently, with it being acquired by Microsoft and integrated into Facebook as another chat option, but what exactly does Skype mean to those in the social media world? It has been debated that Skype is a social tool; not a social network and vice versa. However with having over 2 billion people who have downloaded this software, does it matter how it is defined? Is Skype a place that helps you socialize (social tool) or where you socialize (social network)?

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Businesses On Social Networks: What Customers Really Want

what-customers-want-from-businessesCustomers are constantly learning new ways of introducing themselves to businesses using social networking sites like, Facebook or Twitter. Many consumers turn to these social networks to find information about specific products and/or services before making a purchase. However, the reason why they are turning to these sites and how they find out about your business may surprise you.

Too many companies still believe that if they set up an account on several social networks, then the customers will come. There is definitely more to it than that. First, a great many potential customers will go to their social profile or account to find recommendations from peers about your company. Many wonder what their friends or friends of friends have been saying about your brand. If interested in what has been said, customers will then turn to your business page within the social networking site. Once there, potential customers will then examine how much interaction has been happening within that page and for how long. Although, this may not be intentional and most likely done subconsciously, most people still do it.

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