What If Social Media Sites Were Your Neighbors? (Infographic)

social-media-sites-neighborsSocial media’s popularity is continuously growing with more and more people joining new and existing networks every day, which makes for a very busy neighborhood. Having new neighbors always moving in, like Google Plus and old ones moving out, like MySpace, would even make Mr. Rogers head spin.

However, the great people over at Column Five Media created this infographic, which will help in deciding, which neighbor would you (or do you) end up visiting the most?

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A Breakdown Of Who Uses The Most Popular Social Sites (Infographic)

who-uses-popular-social-sitesLogging on to our favorite social sites has almost become second in nature. Most of us wake up, start making breakfast, and before our toast pops, we have signed in to either Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Have you ever wondered who else is using these sites we visit most? AdAge has pulled together the demographics and put them into an interesting infographic shown below.

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10 Social Networks That Are Winning And Losing (Infographic)

winning-and-losing-social-networksThe social networks we hear about most are Twitter and Facebook, but it seems there are many other social sites grabbing our attention and some that are not. Ignite Social Media created a very informative infographic (shown below) which showcases some interesting statistics about the different groups who are using social media and which social networks they tend to use most. The background data for the infographic came from Google and was mostly found through Google Insight for Search and Google Ad Planner.

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