Get Personal With YouTube: History And Facts (Infograph)

youtube-historyEveryone has something they wish to share with the world. It could be a musical or artistic talent; or a company’s product or service. No matter if it is your personal or business side you wish to showcase, the social video site, YouTube, can help you do it. Many of us have videos just sitting on our computers of family events or school plays and have nowhere to put them. Businesses may have videos of tips and tricks to using their products or video webinars, but no one is watching. Get personal with your friends, family, and/or potential customers by getting personal with YouTube.

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Businesses On Social Networks: What Customers Really Want

what-customers-want-from-businessesCustomers are constantly learning new ways of introducing themselves to businesses using social networking sites like, Facebook or Twitter. Many consumers turn to these social networks to find information about specific products and/or services before making a purchase. However, the reason why they are turning to these sites and how they find out about your business may surprise you.

Too many companies still believe that if they set up an account on several social networks, then the customers will come. There is definitely more to it than that. First, a great many potential customers will go to their social profile or account to find recommendations from peers about your company. Many wonder what their friends or friends of friends have been saying about your brand. If interested in what has been said, customers will then turn to your business page within the social networking site. Once there, potential customers will then examine how much interaction has been happening within that page and for how long. Although, this may not be intentional and most likely done subconsciously, most people still do it.

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Do’s And Don’ts: Get The Most Out Of Using Social Media For Your Business (Infograph)

dos_and_donts_of_social_media_for_businessesUsing social media to market and promote a business is always a work in progress, for the job of engaging and sharing content with potential customers, is never done. Companies who incorporate Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, may feel the need to push their products and brand; while others, may visit these sites very little or not at all. Although investing time on social sites is easy and free to do, many businesses have yet to fully understand social media because most are unsure of how to use them. However, businesses are increasingly becoming more involved on social sites, thus, it is very important to know how to use social networks, the right way, in order to get the most for your business.

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Talk2U: The People Network And Marketing Forum

Marketing ForumSearching the web to discover new and up-coming networking sites can result in an overwhelming amount of information. It’s a task most of us go through when wanting to connect with new people and to share the wealth of information each of us produce. Many of us have blogs or websites in which we want others to discover, but a lot of us don’t know where to share our content, other than on social sites like, Facebook, or Twitter.

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