Social Media Marketing Campaigns: Success, Failure, And When They Should End

social-media-marketingBusinesses have embraced the social media revolution by incorporating social networks into their marketing strategies. Gaining knowledge about products and services has never been easier and neither has finding recommendations about specific brands. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are some of the popular social platforms that are useful in marketing products and services through soft selling and by humanizing the brand.

The purpose of marketing campaigns is to bring awareness to products, services, or brands and businesses. A social media marketing campaign is where businesses turn to social networks to spread the word about their company and what it offers. Traditionally, companies would use billboards, ads, and commercials for exposure, but social media has now been added to the list as another way of marketing to mass audiences. However, a campaign’s duration is limited and many wonder how long should a social media marketing campaign run. Well, it all depends on if it is working for your company or not.

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Optify To Launch A Social Media Tracking System For Businesses

Social Media Tracking SystemBusinesses are becoming more involved with social media sites by including them into their marketing strategies, but it’s not always easy to see if these efforts are actually adding any value to the business.

BtoBOnline reported today that Optify, an online marketing software company, will be making it easier for businesses to track such efforts by launching an enterprise-class social media tracking system, on March 29th. This system will offer marketers the ability to track social media efforts across such sites as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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