Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Customers ROI


Companies tend to be solely focused on their Return on Investment (ROI) when trying out a new tool, marketing strategy, or social network, that the customers ROI (and they do have one) never even enters the picture. Just like most businesses, customers also try to find “what’s in it for them” when investing their time and money into a website, new product, or company. If a business is not customer focused and solely only thinks about what they can gain from an interaction or transaction than they are missing out on the bigger picture, customer satisfaction.

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Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

linkedin_businessWhy establish a presence on LinkedIn for your business? LinkedIn is a unique global social networking platform primarily focused on business networking: a powerful communication tool that will carry your marketing message to a wide range of influential contacts among its affluent membership. Build your professional network, increase exposure and attract excellent employees as well as new business. The opportunities for expanding brand awareness and growing your business are endless. The following is a sample of some powerful benefits for companies who choose to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer:

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