5 Useful Tools To Help You Manage Facebook

facebook_management_toolsThere are over 500 million users on Facebook and the amount keeps growing as each day passes.  It’s no longer viewed as a place to just find out what your friends and “friends of friends” are doing, and it hasn’t been this way for sometime.

Many Facebook users log-on to this popular social site, to network, market their business, and to help drive traffic to their website. Social media has truly emphasized the importance of “Word of Mouth” marketing for any content needing to be discovered. As shown in a study done by the social sharing site, Gigya, Twitter drives 29% social sharing, while Facebook drives 44%. Other sites, like Yahoo and MySpace, only drive 18% and 9% social sharing. The study shows Facebook coming out on-top and it’s not all that surprising after looking at some of their statistics (shown below).

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