A Thorough Breakdown of the New Emotions Facebook Feature


Sharing our emotions, experiences, and actions on Facebook is not a new concept for most of us have found shortcuts that allow us to use emoticons and symbols to express how we are feeling with our Facebook friends. However, Facebook has recently rolled out to some of its users a new feature that lets us tell our friends the type of mood we are in and our current actions much faster and quicker than ever before.

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How to Highlight a Post on Your Facebook Business Page

In December 2011, the Facebook Timeline became worldwide and it’s no secret that not everyone was thrilled by it. This new-ish feature has definitely taken some flack and from time to time, you may still see a post popping up in your newsfeed expressing the dislike. The two core reasons for the disapproval of the Timeline can usually be attributed to the resistance of change and the lack in understanding how to use it.

One common expressed frustration is in how posts have become more clumped together and less visible to other Facebook users. This has displeased many business owners who have a Facebook page, and rightfully so. Since the key goals of why companies use Facebook is to engage with customers, receive traffic, referrals, and generate sales; having status updates or posts unseen is not an option. Learning all the new changes that happen frequently on this popular social network can be difficult to undertake, especially when you do not know how or where to get started.

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How to Make Twitter Work for Your Business

twitter_for_businessNext to Facebook, Twitter is undoubtedly the next most popular social networking site. The network boasts of many advantages that make it ideal for promoting your brand or business. Aside from being instantaneous, it’s fast and conversational. You can take advantage of Twitter in increasing the exposure of your business. Here’s how.

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Beginners Guide: How To Use Social Media For Marketing

2012-social-media-marketingThere is no better way for a business to start off 2012, then by becoming a part of the social media world. However, many new business owners may still have some lingering fears that have not disappeared just because the year 2011 is behind us.

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Tweet like a Boss: 5 Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

5-Tips-To-Get-More-Retweets-On-TwitterTwitter is more than just a place for chatter, it is a place where content is shared, re-shared, and shared again. If done right, Twitter can spread 140 characters to a limitless amount of people, but it takes more than slapping a few words together and a push of the “Tweet” button to get a retweet. It takes a person who wants to take control of their tweets, maximize their tweeting potential and draw the attention from their followers, you know, kind of like a boss would.

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Dear Facebook: Please Leave Our News Feeds Alone

facebook-newsfeed-settingsFor months now, Facebook has quietly changed what users see in their news feeds. Many of us may think that everything we “like” and everyone we “friend” on this social site, automatically appears in our news feed, but in actuality, Facebook has changed it so that we only see news from those we interact with most. Shocker!

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