The Google+ Threat: Does It Exist?

Google-plus-threatThere are many skeptics on the recent release of Google’s latest attempt of a social network, Google+. I say “latest”, because Google has tried many times to create a social network with Google Buzz and Google Wave (to name just a few), but in the end they all were flops.

Due to its history of not doing so well in the social networking department, it’s expected that some may feel Google+ will not stack up to the widely popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, some who have used Google+ are intrigued by this new arrival into the social media world and have already left their “old” social networks and devoted themselves solely to this “new” social site.

It seems as though Google might have gotten it right this time around. Even so, does this now mean that Google+ is a threat to other social networking sites? And of course, we all have probably asked this inevitable question at some point, “Which Social Network does Google+ threaten the most; Facebook or Twitter?”

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Google+ Vs. Facebook Features (Infographic)

google-plus-vs-facebookThe latest addition to the ever-growing world of social media is the social networking site, Google+. Most cannot go to their current social networks, Twitter or Facebook, without seeing at least one tweet or status update about the new social networking venture by Google called, Google+.

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