Dear Facebook: Please Leave Our News Feeds Alone

facebook-newsfeed-settingsFor months now, Facebook has quietly changed what users see in their news feeds. Many of us may think that everything we “like” and everyone we “friend” on this social site, automatically appears in our news feed, but in actuality, Facebook has changed it so that we only see news from those we interact with most. Shocker!

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American Idol + Facebook = New Online Voting

American Idol VotingFans of the show, “American Idol,” are used to voting for their favorite Idol contestant using the toll free number and fans, that are also AT&T wireless customers, can vote via unlimited text messages (during the allotted voting time-frame). Although these systems have worked in getting votes; what ever happened to those fans who would prefer to vote online? Somehow they were over-looked, until now.

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How To: Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To A Video

change-facebook_profile_picture_to_videoFacebook profile pictures are constantly being taken, edited, re-sized, and updated. There are a few Facebook friends who are constantly changing their profile pictures and after awhile, it is over-looked in the “News Feed,” but maybe profile pictures are a thing of the past?

Well, hold onto your seats because profile pictures can now be videos. Say good-bye to those boring and sometimes irritating  pictures and hello to a whole new moving and talking video for your profile.

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