The 10 Most Influential US Olympians

Many of us are glued to our television sets as the 2012 Summer Olympics, held in London, are in full swing. We all have our favorite sport and Olympian to watch, hoping this year they will take home the gold.

Many Olympians have taken to the social network, Twitter, to engage and connect with those, like us, who are watching the Olympics. Which can make you wonder, which Olympian takes home the gold for being the most influential online?

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How to Make Twitter Work for Your Business

twitter_for_businessNext to Facebook, Twitter is undoubtedly the next most popular social networking site. The network boasts of many advantages that make it ideal for promoting your brand or business. Aside from being instantaneous, it’s fast and conversational. You can take advantage of Twitter in increasing the exposure of your business. Here’s how.

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Beginners Guide: How To Use Social Media For Marketing

2012-social-media-marketingThere is no better way for a business to start off 2012, then by becoming a part of the social media world. However, many new business owners may still have some lingering fears that have not disappeared just because the year 2011 is behind us.

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What If Social Media Sites Were Your Neighbors? (Infographic)

social-media-sites-neighborsSocial media’s popularity is continuously growing with more and more people joining new and existing networks every day, which makes for a very busy neighborhood. Having new neighbors always moving in, like Google Plus and old ones moving out, like MySpace, would even make Mr. Rogers head spin.

However, the great people over at Column Five Media created this infographic, which will help in deciding, which neighbor would you (or do you) end up visiting the most?

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2 New Twitter Features Are Keeping the Social in Social Media Alive

twitter_new_featuresWhat’s happening? Is what we are usually asked when visiting, to get the conversation started, but something is “happening” to twitter that is worth talking about this time. On August 10th 2011, Twitter began rolling out its latest features, two to be exact. The first new feature lets users see when someone retweets or favorites one of their Tweets and the second feature highlights the latest Retweets, Follows, and Favorites from followers, located all in one convenient place.

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