Listen to your Facebook Page; It Is Telling You Something.

Listening to your Facebook Page

If you are a business that has a Facebook page, then you already know building a community on the page does not happen overnight. Often times you hear or read about how it takes time and patience to create a page on Facebook that is lively and engaging, which is true, but rarely ever do you learn about the gradual steps that will tell you if your page is growing in the right direction.

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A Thorough Breakdown of the New Emotions Facebook Feature


Sharing our emotions, experiences, and actions on Facebook is not a new concept for most of us have found shortcuts that allow us to use emoticons and symbols to express how we are feeling with our Facebook friends. However, Facebook has recently rolled out to some of its users a new feature that lets us tell our friends the type of mood we are in and our current actions much faster and quicker than ever before.

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Why Facebook Likes and Comments DO Matter

Facebook Likes and Comments Matter

There’s been some chatter on the internet lately and in articles I have seen appear in my Facebook news feed and in my Twitter stream, suggesting that Facebook “likes” and “comments” don’t matter and only the “shares” of content from your page or profile by another user does. Since I use social media on a daily basis for work and for personal use, the mere thought of this has brought me to a place of disagreement. Although I agree Facebook “shares” are important and should be a goal that everyone strives for, they do not lessen the importance of a “like” or “comment” received on this popular social site.

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The Importance of Adding a Photo to a Facebook Post


The whole point of posting a status update to Facebook, no matter what the post is about, is to have it be seen by other Facebook users and to have them engage with you because of it. Whether you are sharing what you ate for breakfast or a blog article you have read, the goal is to have your posts show up in other people’s newsfeeds. The most effective way to make your status update get the views and interactions you want, is to attach a photo to the posts you are sharing.

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