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How Facebook Graph Search Will Change the Way We Market and Discover Products Online

Facebook Graph Search Tool

Facebook has been an effective place for many businesses that use the popular social networking site as a part of their online marketing efforts. Companies have flocked to Facebook for the purpose of increasing their online engagement, to enhance brand awareness, build connections, generate leads, and to market products to a substantial audience. Overtime, many businesses have seen success come from marketing with Facebook and feel that the site is helpful in reaching potential customers, which makes the recent announcement by Facebook, about a new search tool called Facebook Graph Search, even more exciting to those in the marketing world.

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Present Your Professional Side with a Website homepage screenshot

The days of handing in resumes are almost obsolete due to the easy and instant access potential employers have to the World Wide Web. Majority of the time, they already know a lot about you even before a job interview takes place. Online searches of your name can provide a great deal of information, especially if you are active on social networks. Why not present your professional side to possible employers with a Personified website designed by you.

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Maily Re-Invents Email for Kids

Email is a widely popular method of communication used by many adults to send updates to loved ones about life events and milestones. Young children often watch their parents write and send emails, but lack the ability to send one too.

Preschoolers want to express themselves and share their thoughts with family and friends just as much as adults do, but have no online tool, which enables them to safely and effectively communicate with others. However, the application, Maily, changes all of this and allows children to have a voice too.

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How to Highlight a Post on Your Facebook Business Page

In December 2011, the Facebook Timeline became worldwide and it’s no secret that not everyone was thrilled by it. This new-ish feature has definitely taken some flack and from time to time, you may still see a post popping up in your newsfeed expressing the dislike. The two core reasons for the disapproval of the Timeline can usually be attributed to the resistance of change and the lack in understanding how to use it.

One common expressed frustration is in how posts have become more clumped together and less visible to other Facebook users. This has displeased many business owners who have a Facebook page, and rightfully so. Since the key goals of why companies use Facebook is to engage with customers, receive traffic, referrals, and generate sales; having status updates or posts unseen is not an option. Learning all the new changes that happen frequently on this popular social network can be difficult to undertake, especially when you do not know how or where to get started.

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