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Talk2U: The People Network And Marketing Forum

Marketing ForumSearching the web to discover new and up-coming networking sites can result in an overwhelming amount of information. It’s a task most of us go through when wanting to connect with new people and to share the wealth of information each of us produce. Many of us have blogs or websites in which we want others to discover, but a lot of us don’t know where to share our content, other than on social sites like, Facebook, or Twitter.

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HooSaid: The Social Media Search Engine

Hoosaid Social MediaPeople within the world of social media are always looking for the next great social tool and are constantly searching for more relevant people to build their following on social networks. These tasks can become tedious and time consuming, especially when wanting to put the focus more on finding the latest social media news.

In the past, many users of social networks would use the “search boxes” located directly on the social sites, in order to find people who they might be interested in following. Hours would be devoted in going back and forth, from page to page, to find out the possible followers information and interests, but who has time for that? The whole point of social media is to gather and share information instantaneously, not for people to slowly discover one another.

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Lunch_reviews_and_recommendations_siteSocial media has provided many opportunities for it’s users that may have otherwise never existed. It has helped in connecting people from opposite sides of the world, finding out information more instantaneously, and it has allowed businesses to market their brands differently. Most users of  social media sites, log-on, update their status, and share content on a daily basis. By posting information on social sites to friends and followers, users are providing a recommendation about a specific product or brand, even if that wasn’t their initial intention. Recommendations have persuaded many of us  to “like” or “follow” a brand and have helped us in deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Peer recommendations have become even more prevalent, due to the accessibility caused by content sharing on social media sites.

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