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Ensure Your Business is having the Right Conversations with the Right People Using Little Bird

Business social networks

What is important to your business when using social networks? Is a question many companies should be asking every time they log onto their social sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Understanding what the purpose is for using these sites is vital in knowing the types of content your business will produce and share on them, as well as, what your company hopes to gain from using them.

For most businesses, the answer would be to connect, engage, and build reciprocal relationships with the right people, but finding the right people for your business is not always easy and usually takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Many companies have begun using sites that measure social influence, such as, Klout and Kred to discover their best customers and brand evangelists; however, besides a Klout or Kred score there isn’t much else to go on.

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Maily Re-Invents Email for Kids

Email is a widely popular method of communication used by many adults to send updates to loved ones about life events and milestones. Young children often watch their parents write and send emails, but lack the ability to send one too.

Preschoolers want to express themselves and share their thoughts with family and friends just as much as adults do, but have no online tool, which enables them to safely and effectively communicate with others. However, the application, Maily, changes all of this and allows children to have a voice too.

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Why College Students Need To Register With Sumpto

Our college years are filled with sleepless nights, tons of homework, enormous amounts of ramen noodles and endless bowls of Kraft dinner. Our heads are overloaded with heaps of information and our fingers, sore, from infinite typing. Days seem to blend together and years go by extremely quick as we strive to achieve our goal of graduating.

Nonetheless, life as a college student is not just endless amounts of papers and assignments, although there are plenty of those, there are also parties to attend and friends to connect with. It is a constant balancing act between work and play.

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Why So Much Interest In Pinterest?

Pinterest_logoThe newly popular site Pinterest, happens to not be so new. The site launched in March 2010, but it seems 2011 is it’s year of user growth and popularity. The invitation only site emerged as one of the top 10 social networking sites in December 2011. According to Experian Hitwise, the site nearly received 11 million total visits during the week ending December 17, 2011, which is almost 40 times the total amount of visits it received only six months prior ( June 2011).

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The Duel-Profile Social Network For Busy Women: ShesConnected

social_networks_for_womenEveryday we are surrounded by hard working women. Women who juggle work, volunteering, raising a family, and/or community involvement, to name just a few. Hard working women are always in search of sites that help them manage their busy lives. Sites where they can connect with others, get advice, share information, network, and discuss daily topics… Finally your search is over.

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The Travelers Social Network: Gogobot

gogobot_travelers_social_networkTraveling to a far away destination is always exciting, but planning for the trip most likely won’t be as much fun. Lots of people go on a vacation or business trip, but most of us dread planning for it. Packing a suitcase can be a frightening thought for some, but it also can be pretty scary trying to decide on where to travel. Since most of us are looking for advice from friends on just about everything, why not include traveling to the discussion.

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