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Twitter Brings Interactivity To Tweets With ‘Web Intents’

twitter_web_intentsMost blog or website owners have at least one “Tweet Button“, if not more, located on their site. This social button, encourages readers to share content through re-tweeting site pages or posts, to hopefully attract new blog readers and website visitors. However, up until this point, that is all a person could do with this social tool, that is until today.

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Optify To Launch A Social Media Tracking System For Businesses

Social Media Tracking SystemBusinesses are becoming more involved with social media sites by including them into their marketing strategies, but it’s not always easy to see if these efforts are actually adding any value to the business.

BtoBOnline reported today that Optify, an online marketing software company, will be making it easier for businesses to track such efforts by launching an enterprise-class social media tracking system, on March 29th. This system will offer marketers the ability to track social media efforts across such sites as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Facebook Pages: Get More Likes With Livestream For Facebook

Facebook LivestreamThe social media giant, Facebook, is a great choice for businesses who want to incorporate social media as a way to market their brand. Facebook not only has over 500 million users to potentially reach out to, it also gives companies the ability to create a  Business Page ,which is useful in showcasing products and services while marketing to a target audience.

However, as many Facebook Page owners know, it isn’t always easy to get people to “Like” your page. Coming up with clever status updates and occasionally sharing promotional deals, doesn’t seem to always cut it. Trying to constantly stay one step ahead of the competition can be a daunting task, especially if what you are doing on your Facebook page isn’t working. Connecting with potential customers is extremely important in trying to learn what consumers really want from your company and in spreading the word about what your company has to offer. Therefore, businesses must stay relevant on social sites in coming up with new ways of engagement, which creates more people “liking” their page, and thus, more people recommending it.

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Why We Must Break Up With The BreakUp Notifier Application

Breakup ApplicationOn Tuesday February 22nd, we wrote an article informing our readers of the Facebook Breakup Application. On Wednesday the 23rd, not even 24hrs later, the “BreakUp Notifier” App was banned on Facebook. Although Facebook hasn’t yet given an official reason as to why, it was hinted around in a message sent to the app’s creator, Dan Loewenherz.

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New Facebook App: Why Your Relationship Is Being Watched

Facebook App***Update to Facebook App: There has been an update to the information included in this article… Read More***

Do you display your relationship status on Facebook? If so, you just might want to know about the latest Application called the, “Breakup Notifier.” Up until last week, “Married” or “Dating” were just a few of the relationship status options you could choose from on Facebook, but last Thursday, more options were added. Now included in their list of relationship statuses are, “In a civil union” and “In a domestic partnership”. With these recent additions, it’s probable that more and more people on Facebook are changing their relationship statuses and today, a new Facebook Application can help you monitor such changes.

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How To: Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To A Video

change-facebook_profile_picture_to_videoFacebook profile pictures are constantly being taken, edited, re-sized, and updated. There are a few Facebook friends who are constantly changing their profile pictures and after awhile, it is over-looked in the “News Feed,” but maybe profile pictures are a thing of the past?

Well, hold onto your seats because profile pictures can now be videos. Say good-bye to those boring and sometimes irritating  pictures and hello to a whole new moving and talking video for your profile.

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