Tweet like a Boss: 5 Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

5-Tips-To-Get-More-Retweets-On-TwitterTwitter is more than just a place for chatter, it is a place where content is shared, re-shared, and shared again. If done right, Twitter can spread 140 characters to a limitless amount of people, but it takes more than slapping a few words together and a push of the “Tweet” button to get a retweet. It takes a person who wants to take control of their tweets, maximize their tweeting potential and draw the attention from their followers, you know, kind of like a boss would.

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Dear Facebook: Please Leave Our News Feeds Alone

facebook-newsfeed-settingsFor months now, Facebook has quietly changed what users see in their news feeds. Many of us may think that everything we “like” and everyone we “friend” on this social site, automatically appears in our news feed, but in actuality, Facebook has changed it so that we only see news from those we interact with most. Shocker!

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Do’s And Don’ts: Get The Most Out Of Using Social Media For Your Business (Infograph)

dos_and_donts_of_social_media_for_businessesUsing social media to market and promote a business is always a work in progress, for the job of engaging and sharing content with potential customers, is never done. Companies who incorporate Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, may feel the need to push their products and brand; while others, may visit these sites very little or not at all. Although investing time on social sites is easy and free to do, many businesses have yet to fully understand social media because most are unsure of how to use them. However, businesses are increasingly becoming more involved on social sites, thus, it is very important to know how to use social networks, the right way, in order to get the most for your business.

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