How to Increase Your Video Shares on Social Networks [Infographic]

Often wonder if you should be creating YouTube videos for your business or just for fun? Knowing how to put together an appealing, creative piece and in identifying who your target audience is going to be when designing and recording a video, is essential.

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How Pinterest Accelerates Online Sales

Ever wonder how money is made using Pinterest? created a very useful infographic that shows how sales can be made by using Pinterest. Although the focus is mainly on Shopify Stores, any e-commerce website, store, and/or business can use the information provided and apply it to their company’s online marketing strategy.

Who Is and Isn’t Using Pinterest? (Infographic)

pinterest-factsHaving the ability to instantaneously share and discover photos in one place has certainly grabbed the attention of many. With an average of 1.36 million users daily, the social photo sharing website, Pinterest, is definitely the place to be online.

It may be surprising to learn that on average most users spend more time on Pinterest then they do on Facebook and that it provides more referral traffic to websites, than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined.

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What If Social Media Sites Were Your Neighbors? (Infographic)

social-media-sites-neighborsSocial media’s popularity is continuously growing with more and more people joining new and existing networks every day, which makes for a very busy neighborhood. Having new neighbors always moving in, like Google Plus and old ones moving out, like MySpace, would even make Mr. Rogers head spin.

However, the great people over at Column Five Media created this infographic, which will help in deciding, which neighbor would you (or do you) end up visiting the most?

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How Big Of A Role Does Facebook Play In Our Lives? (Infographic)

world-without-facebookAccording to Facebook Statistics, this popular social networking site has over 750 million active users;  interacting with over 900 million objects, like pages on Facebook. It is a bit shocking to see such large numbers, especially the amount of people on this social site, but many would not dispute these facts, since logging-into Facebook has become a daily routine for most of us. These statistics have raised several questions; first, “What did we do before Facebook?” and now that we have it, “What would we do without it?”

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