5 Great Geeky Gifts for Car Lovers

Geeky Gifts for Car Lovers

Geeks are some of the easiest, yet toughest people to buy gifts for. While we are open about our interests, gift givers often have a hard time finding something we’ll love that we don’t already have.

If the geek in your life also happens to be a car lover, things get a little bit easier. That is, unless they ask you to buy a new car online for them. In that case, you’re not buying for an easy-going car lover and should run for the hills!

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7 Must Have Products for the Breaking Bad Fanatic

Breaking Bad Show

Many of us have become a fanatic of the popular crime drama series, Breaking Bad. Since its premiere on January 20, 2008, we have been a witness to the making of one of the greatest TV dramas of all time.

You can’t help but become attached to the characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as you watch them grow from being vulnerable to strong and powerful. The shows intricate storyline has certainly taken us for one heck of a ride and is one of the reasons we keep coming back for more.

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5 Hilarious Game of Thrones Memes

Game of Thrones Memes

The epic fantasy television show Game of Thrones has caught the attention of many, who faithfully tune-in to watch each episode every Sunday night. The plot fills viewers with anticipation of where it will take them next and there are plenty of twists and turns; with each character providing lots of unexpected moments that keep us fixated on our television screens.

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Move over Cats, Goats Are the Next Big Thing

Funny Cute Laughing Goat

Cats are cute, fluffy and (as the internet has proven) pretty funny too. Our furry feline friends have been really good at hogging the spotlight and taking over social networks, with their adorable pictures and humorous memes, but after all this time they finally have some competition, the goat.

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A Brief History and Rap Video about First World Problems

First World Problems History

We have all seen, heard of, and used sentences relating to, “First World Problems”, long before the term even existed. You know, those times when we find ourselves complaining about minor issues that occur in our everyday lives that can usually be resolved quickly and is looked at as petty in comparison to the much larger and more important issues happening all over the world. Although the term is used often, many of us don’t know much about its history or why it has become so popular over the years.

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