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First off, if you are in the Automotive Industry, you’re awesome!  It doesn’t matter if you work inside a dealership or as a vendor, you are constantly looking to gain insights into what is happening within our industry, as well as on social media and that is why Auto Dealer Live is the “Show Where Dealers Go.”

If you haven’t heard of Auto Dealer Live, it’s about time that you did.

Auto Dealer Live is a podcast that you can listen to on a weekly basis or watch as a webcast each week. The hosts are David Villa and David Cribbs and the show is “for dealers by dealers.” You can easily listen to informative and insightful interviews by guests, such as, Jim Ziegler, Alan Ram, and Grant Cardone and who doesn’t love that!

While you work or play you can turn on the podcast or webcast and dive into the world of the Auto Industry. Auto Dealer Live provides a window into informative and fun interviews where people in the industry discuss how they handle various roles within their dealership and where you can gain new perspectives. Topics include, SEO, BDC, Websites, VDP’s, Internet Marketing, Sales, Upcoming Dealer Events, and so much more. It’s a place where you’ll want to take notes and put the advice given on the show into action.

Don’t worry, if you want to learn more about Social Media we have a segment for that too. Each Thursday at 3:30pm EST, Auto Dealer Live goes live and includes the segment about social media, which I (Amanda Ryan) am very happy to be a part of with my twin sister, Erin Ryan, called “Get Your Social On.” That’s right, we’ve got you covered!

During the #GetYourSocialOn segment you will hear tips, be given advice, and best practices about using social media with your dealership. We give Twitter shout-outs to awesome people like you who are in the automotive industry that you can connect with too. We are all about making the auto industry better and by continuing to build its amazing community.  If you are looking for some fresh, fun, and informative social media advice, then you have found the right place.

We also want to make sure you get all the information you need and that is why we offer Quick Videos where you can get caught up with Get Your Social On.

#AutoDealerLive strives to provide you with topics that you want to learn more about and it be given to you by the people who actually work within the auto industry and within the automotive social media industry, as well. We also give away really cool stuff, like, wristbands, posters, books, and more.

Want to Join the AWESOME #AutoDealerLive and #GetYourSocialOn community?

I believe the only way to respond to this is with a, “Heck Ya!” Choose your preference,  you can listen to us on several places on the web or if you prefer to watch the show instead, we have several places for that too!

If you are a Podcast fanatic then you will want to listen to Auto Dealer Live from one of these cool places:

You know what to do now to become a part of Auto Dealer Live and to Get Your Social On, right… You need to watch and/or listen to the Show Where Dealers Go!

2 comments on “Why You Need to Listen to The Show Where Dealers Go

  1. steven seidner

    If you have this at night more people would view it. Everyone is selling during the day!

  2. Amanda Ryan Post author

    It’s also recorded, which makes it easy for everyone to listen at the time that is best for them! Hopefully, you’ll tune in, Steven :)

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