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Leave a lasting impression brands

It is human nature to want to make a good impression. Whether we know it or not, we tend to influence the perception of others with a goal in mind by using impression management. It is often seen in different forms, such as, the way we dress for a job interview, the type of cars we drive, and technology we embrace.

We create an image of ourselves in order to claim personal identity and how we present ourselves is reflective of that image. It is who we are as humans to do this process, consciously or unconsciously. But what about your brand? Do you use impression management for your organization, as well? Of course you do. We are all well aware of the importance of brand management and how it can affect the decisions of consumers if the implementation is properly done or not. In reality, we often use impression management for organizations and tie it into brand management.

However, some businesses using social networks seem to have lost the notion that presentation matters. It does! You may not be face-to-face with a customer when using social sites, but you are still communicating with potential customers every time you post. The types of content you choose to share on your Business Facebook, Google+ page, or Twitter account will affect the perception others will have of your brand, which is why impression and brand management should always be what you are thinking of before you hit the “Post/Share” button.

Don’t just think about what or who your brand is trying to target (brand management), but what “image” you wish for those viewing the content you share to see (impression management). Therefore, both of these communication functions are important and necessary for your brand.

As you wouldn’t get up on stage for a presentation in ripped jogging pants and a torn t-shirt, there are things you should avoid doing when posting to social networks to express the image you want for your business and its identity.

Create an image of your brand in order to claim its identity and what you present on social networks should be reflective of that image.

Brand Management – Share content that is relevant to the items you sell. If you are a Ford car dealership target those who like Ford cars. Also, target those who can actually buy from you, which are those in your local community. Grab their attention by sharing local content.

Local Content Ideas: Share local events happening in your area, its history, interesting architecture, and sport teams.

Impression Management – Presentation matters! Small images, long URL links, blurry videos, and the dreaded CAPS lock are all things that should be avoided when posting content.

This may seem to be common sense, but unfortunately, many are still using one or more of these items listed above and are forgetting the importance of presentation.

Content Presentation Tips: Use a URL shortener, like, instead of posting long URLS. Make sure your images are at least 600 pixels wide and pay attention to detail when creating videos. And please make sure the CAPS lock is off when writing text, otherwise, you are just yelling.

Combine impression management with brand management to target the right people and for your company to always give a good and lasting impression.

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