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Social Media Content Creates Actions

We all love sharing and discovering social content that peeks our interests to our social networks. As we scroll through the Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, several times a day, our main objective is to uncover something that makes us take action. Whether we “like” it, retweet it, or comment on it, we are always looking for content, if we know it or not, which will make us react.

Ever notice when you feel a connection, an emotion; or gain knowledge about a particular topic, from the content you find on your social networks, you tend to click on the blog link, share the Facebook status, or retweet a follower’s tweet? When you experience these types of reactions from content found on your social networks, usually, you end up taking an action.

Now take what you have learned about what makes you comment, share, retweet, or “like” content on your social networks and apply it to when you are creating content for your social sites. If what you share would not make you click or retweet, than chances are, your followers will not want to share it either.

Facts, stats, history snippets, and quotes tend to do well on social networks due to them being short, to the point, informative, and/or thought provoking. These types of content will make a person react because it has either evoked emotion; taught them something; or made them connect further to their interest.

Example: A person’s interest is Chevrolet cars.

If your business is a Chevrolet dealership and you want to attract those interested in Chevrolet cars and to cause them to react and take action, an example of a good post for your social networks would be a relevant “fact post”:

Fact Post Example:  #FunFact: Chevrolet has manufactured over 200 million trucks and cars since the year 1921.

1921 Chevrolet

The same type of idea applies to other dealerships that sell different brands. Below is an example of a “quote post” for Ford dealerships.

Quote Post Example: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford

Henry Ford Quote

Feel free to add a photo to create a visual connection as well.

These are only examples and your content should always be diverse, so be sure to mix it up! These examples are helpful in jump-starting your content creation for your social networks and in finding out what works.

When sharing social content, similar to the ones above, you will be providing knowledge and evoking emotion, which will cause your audience to react because they have connected with the content. Whether the connection is caused due to having the same interest or thought, if you create the connection, then a reaction will be generated and an action preformed.

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