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Facebook Page Admins Names Feature

You have multiple Facebook Admins on your Facebook page and you sometimes find a piece of content that you know you didn’t post on the page, but somehow, it is there staring you right in the face. You become puzzled and wonder how it got there and who posted it, with no answers in sight.

Today, Facebook posted a message on their “Help Center” page advising Facebook page administrators that their names will begin appearing next to their posts and comments. This new feature will be seen only by administrators and not by those who “like” the page. This will begin on February 20th 2014 and will not be retroactive; this new feature will only appear on posts and comments, on or after the 20th. If you are a Facebook page owner, you might have already seen a message appear at the top of the “Admin Panel” on Facebook, letting you know of this upcoming change.

On February 20th, you will begin to see the change take effect. Page posts will show the name of the person below the name of your page, next to “Posted by”. This new addition to Facebook will also show who is replying to comments as an administrator by posting their name below the comments, next to, “Commented on by”.  Your activity log will show the name of the person who has scheduled content to be posted onto the page, as well.

This will not only help administrators know who is posting, scheduling, and commenting on content, but it will also give the ability to provide credit and accountability to those who share content and write comments. It will help the group of administrators on your page to ensure quality is being performed by every person, for their name will now be added to the work they produce on your Facebook page.

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