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Scheduled Vs. Automated Content Online

There is a massive difference between scheduled vs. automated content that is often overlooked due to both being time savers, but in not knowing the difference, could be hurting your dealership.

Scheduling content allows you to be in control of what content you post to your various social networks, whereas, automation of content, takes out the most important factor of building your dealership’s presence online, the human element.

When you use an automation tool, like an RSS Feed, Software, or App to post content to your dealerships Facebook or Twitter accounts, you lose the personal touch that is needed to give your dealership a personality. It is as if you are putting your social media on autopilot, where you set it and forget it. Many do this to ensure that content is being posted to their social sites on a regular basis, but this hurts your dealership.

It is important to make your dealership’s presence be known and automation of content does the complete opposite. If you are automating content to your social networks you have given up control of the types of content being shared, the way the post looks on your social accounts, (for majority of the time it ends up looking like Spam), and the ability to respond if something goes awry.

This does not mean you have to sit in front of the computer or check your mobile device every minute of every day. You can still post content to your social networks and save time by using a scheduling tool.

Tools like, Buffer, Hootsuite, and now, with the New Klout, give you the ability to schedule great content you find online, without giving up control. Content can still be posted throughout the day or even days ahead, and allows for you to spread out the content you wish to share, while still keeping you in the driver seat of what posts you want your audience to see, and how they see it.

When looking for or discovering content online to schedule, look at your social accounts to see the engagement and respond. Make sure there is human contact happening on all social networks your dealership is on and never give up control to an automation tool.

You can still save time and share great content, without looking like a robot. Humanize your dealership by knowing and implementing the difference. Automation is out; scheduling is in!

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