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New Klout Experts Feature

Online influence is gained by the impact we have on others, the connections we’ve made, the knowledge we have about particular topics, and how we share it. Klout, which measures our online influence using multiple pieces of data from several social networks and from places like Bing and Wikipedia, has become a source many individuals rely on when looking for online influencers to connect with on their social networks.

Klout provides a score between 1-100 that enables people to easily see who has been determined as an influencer and follow them online. Users of Klout can give +K’s to other users in topics they feel they have expertise in; however, Klout has added a new feature that now takes this to another level.

Today, a preview release of Klout Experts was announced on the Klout blog. This new feature allows influencers to answer questions about the topics they are most interested in and share their knowledge with others across the web. A small percentage of influencers have already been given some access to this new feature, which, if you are one of them, you may have been asked to answer questions about particular topics, while visiting your Klout profile.

Klout Experts Question and Answers

Starting today, those answers will begin showing up in search results on Bing, as Klout has a partnership with them. You too can easily request for early access by visiting the Klout Experts page and eventually your answers will show up in Bing too.

Bing Klout Experts Search Results

Although there has been some controversy surrounding Klout, there are numerous individuals who use it to connect with others online; employers who use it to determine their next employee; and businesses that use it to show their influence about a specific topic. Now, you can increase your influence with Klout Experts by answering questions, which gives you the ability to connect and engage with people even further about topics you are most knowledgeable about.

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