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Business social networks

What is important to your business when using social networks? Is a question many companies should be asking every time they log onto their social sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Understanding what the purpose is for using these sites is vital in knowing the types of content your business will produce and share on them, as well as, what your company hopes to gain from using them.

For most businesses, the answer would be to connect, engage, and build reciprocal relationships with the right people, but finding the right people for your business is not always easy and usually takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Many companies have begun using sites that measure social influence, such as, Klout and Kred to discover their best customers and brand evangelists; however, besides a Klout or Kred score there isn’t much else to go on.

Little Bird, currently in private Beta, offers much more than the current social influence measuring sites, in that it analyzes data and provides reports about those you are connected to, the topics they discuss, and with whom they have made connections with. Not only is Little Bird about finding the right connections and engaging with them, but it is about helping your business become an influencer in your topic as well.

The founder of ReadWriteWeb and CEO of Little Bird, Marshall Kirkpatrick, says it best, when trying to define Little Bird, “… A robot librarian, finding the best sources of information in the chaos of social conversations online…”

The online world is filled with information about the topic of your business, which is often found through an online search for content displayed on web pages, but it’s not  just about the web pages anymore; it’s about the authors behind them and in ensuring your business is engaging and connecting with them.

Being the first to know about a particular topic and having online influencer research provided to you in reports, via Little Bird, will be extremely helpful to your business’ marketing and PR team, and ultimately; the overall extension of your brand.

Introducing Little BIrd from getlittlebird on Vimeo.

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