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Soft Kitty Song Lyrics

Many of us watch and love the popular television show, The Big Bang Theory for its quirky characters and their funny quotable sayings. Each of the five main characters has their own unique relationships with one another, but there is no friendship like the one between Sheldon and Penny.

One of the best parts about the Sheldon and Penny friendship is how they take care of each other when one or the other gets sick. They usually end up signing the song, “Soft Kitty”, which started when Sheldon was a child and sang to him by his mother. It is one of those songs we can’t help but sing along to whenever we hear it.

It’s no wonder why there have been several different versions made from this loveable song and here are four versions we thought were too funny not to share.

Soft Kitty Grumpy Cat Meme

Soft Dalek Internet MemeSoft Wookiee Internet Meme

Sheldon Soft Kitty Internet Meme

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