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Sharing our emotions, experiences, and actions on Facebook is not a new concept for most of us have found shortcuts that allow us to use emoticons and symbols to express how we are feeling with our Facebook friends. However, Facebook has recently rolled out to some of its users a new feature that lets us tell our friends the type of mood we are in and our current actions much faster and quicker than ever before.

No longer do we have to look up shortcuts or try to remember a selective few to let people on Facebook know that we are smiling, feeling sad, or laughing out loud, nor do we have to write long sentences to state what television show we are watching or food we are about to eat.

Once you have it, this new Facebook feature can be found under your status update bar as a small smiley face button located between the options to add a photo and select the privacy setting.


Once the button is clicked, a menu appears that lets you choose feelings and actions, which you can add to your status update.


After choosing from the menu, what you wish to share, a sub-menu will appear that lets you narrow down what you want to express and add it to your status update.

Example One: How you are feeling.


Example Two: What Television show you are watching.


The other categories listed in the menu are similar to these two examples, however, the Food and Drink categories use Facebook “Interest Pages,” which are pages created by users interests and not Facebook Pages (Those created by actual people, companies, etc.).


It is good to know that the selection(s) you choose from the menu to add to your Facebook status update(s) will also be added to other places on Facebook, like your “About Page”.


Some people may feel that this new Facebook feature is a pure waste of time, but I beg to differ. In the example shown below, there are four very interesting things happening here.


1.  As you may have noticed, the words “Game of Thrones” is hyperlinked, which means when clicked on it will take users directly to the Game of Thrones Facebook Page.

2. There is a preview that Facebook provides and adds to your status update that will also take you to the Game of Thrones Facebook Page.

3. When you hover your mouse over the words, “Game of Thrones” in the Facebook preview, a pop-up appears that shows you how many of your Facebook friends also like this television show

4. The preview also gives you the option to “Like” the page or write a “Message”.

So why are these four things important?

This new Facebook feature lets you discover and find pages more easily and enables you to connect with those who have the same interests as you, which helps you become even more social on this very popular social network.

What would be even more intriguing about this new Facebook feature is if the list in the drop down menu grows and includes more business pages as time goes on for it would help reach a larger and more targeted audience. This would be an amazing feature if this does occur to those who own a company and have a Facebook Page.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open to see if this new feature lands on your Facebook profile soon and connect with more people who “Like” the same things you do.

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