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The whole point of posting a status update to Facebook, no matter what the post is about, is to have it be seen by other Facebook users and to have them engage with you because of it. Whether you are sharing what you ate for breakfast or a blog article you have read, the goal is to have your posts show up in other people’s newsfeeds. The most effective way to make your status update get the views and interactions you want, is to attach a photo to the posts you are sharing.

There are a couple methods you can use to add a photo to your Facebook status update to increase engagement:

Sharing Text

When using text to share your thoughts, opinions, or experiences on Facebook, upload a photo and attach it to the text. For instance, if you are posting a status update that is about the amazing breakfast you are eating, take a picture of it, and then add it to the status update. It is important to wait at least one hour before uploading another photo, otherwise, your photos will group together in an album and your posts won’t be as effective.

Sharing a Link

When sharing a link on Facebook, a box normally appears with a preview of the link, which leaves no room for a photo. However, if you upload a photo first, then add the link into the status update; it will prevent the preview from appearing. Put some thought into the photo you choose and make sure it is relevant to the link you are sharing.

Adding photos to your status updates will make them more shareable; receive more views, and gain more interactions.

The great people at Wishpond created an infographic that shows just how powerful adding a photo to your Facebook status update can be in getting the views and engagement you want.

Adding Photos To Facebook Posts

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