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Making your Facebook business page stand out from the crowd is easier than you might think. There are several methods you can use to get ahead of the competition, but it all comes down to one simple method, which is, don’t do what the competition is doing, do better.

Ultimately, there is no way for you to stand out if you follow the crowd, that’s not to say you shouldn’t observe and consider what the competition is doing when using social media – for you should always keep an eye on “the other guy”, but your company’s Facebook page needs to offer something more: Relevant Information.

If your company is about shoes, cars, or photography, your Facebook page should reflect this, share content related to what you sell. For instance, if you were to walk into a store called “Peter’s Steak House” and they offered you everything but steak, as a customer, you would be highly disappointed and a little bit confused. The same goes for Facebook, give fans what they have come for, when visiting your business’ page on Facebook.

This doesn’t mean that you should share content that is only about selling, the operative word here is, relevant; share content that is relevant to what you are selling. In other words, why share images of cats if you sell cars? Your first thought might be because everyone is doing it, but in hindsight, it just doesn’t make sense. Again, following the crowd will not help your company stand out on Facebook; therefore, it is better to stick to what you know and to share content that targets the type of audience that would be interested in what your company has to offer.

It’s simple, if you are a Chevrolet car dealership, share tips, photos, infographics, and videos about Chevrolet cars, in doing so, you will attract and build an audience that loves Chevrolet.

It is easy to get sucked into what other people are sharing on Facebook, especially if it’s popular, gets a lot of “likes”, comments, and re-shares, which is what every business desperately wants to have happen on their page, but sharing content that isn’t targeting the right audience or is unrelated to your company, will only result in receiving “hollow” interactions.

Make every piece of content you share on Facebook, count. Put thought, time, and effort into your posts so that you can engage with an audience that best suits your company. Following the crowd will only get you so far and will ultimately leave you disappointed with the results, if any. Stand up and be different by providing relevant content when posting on your Facebook business page, which in the end, will make your company stand out.

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