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Facebook Graph Search Tool

Facebook has been an effective place for many businesses that use the popular social networking site as a part of their online marketing efforts. Companies have flocked to Facebook for the purpose of increasing their online engagement, to enhance brand awareness, build connections, generate leads, and to market products to a substantial audience. Overtime, many businesses have seen success come from marketing with Facebook and feel that the site is helpful in reaching potential customers, which makes the recent announcement by Facebook, about a new search tool called Facebook Graph Search, even more exciting to those in the marketing world.

Facebook Graph Search will allow you to easily find people with the same interests as you; you can explore new places to eat, bands to listen to, and movies to watch, all through the people you know. You can also use simple, specific phrases like “Photos my friends took in California” to find anything you want, which will allow you to explore the world through photos taken by your friends. Each search is personalized by using your connections on Facebook to find more of what you are looking for online.

To put it into perspective, when using the online search engines that exist today, we are all given roughly the same type of search results when the same keywords or phrases are used, and although the search is somewhat narrowed down, it doesn’t provide us with in-depth personalized results, which is what Facebook is looking to provide with this new tool.

In fact, Facebook Graph Search, just might end up being a game changer in how we search for things online and in how many businesses use this social networking site for marketing purposes. Facebook Graph Search takes word of mouth marketing to a whole new level by putting users’ friend’s activities into the search results, which will provide personalized recommendations for the keywords or phrases that are used with this tool.

Unfortunately at this point in time, Facebook Graph Search is in Beta and there is only a very limited audience who can use it, however, you are able to join the waiting list if you don’t already have access to it.

Facebook Graph Search captures the social aspect of users by turning their friend’s activities on this social site into helpful search results. Through this new serviceable online tool, we will be able to search, find and discover exactly what we need from the people we interact with on a daily basis.


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