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First World Problems History

We have all seen, heard of, and used sentences relating to, “First World Problems”, long before the term even existed. You know, those times when we find ourselves complaining about minor issues that occur in our everyday lives that can usually be resolved quickly and is looked at as petty in comparison to the much larger and more important issues happening all over the world. Although the term is used often, many of us don’t know much about its history or why it has become so popular over the years.

For those unaware of what the term, “First World Problems” or “FWP” means, it is a phrase often used by privileged individuals, living in wealthy countries, as a comedic approach to make light of trivial inconveniences. The first known reference to the saying, “First World Problems,” can be found in a 1995 song, “Omissions of the Omen” by Matthew Good Band. It wasn’t until 2005 that the first Urban Dictionary entry for the term was submitted.

Since 2005, the popularity of the phrase has grown, with the materialization of Tumblr blogs, websites, and videos, all dedicated to First World Problems. There are even Twitter hashtags that users can add to their tweets, like #firstworldproblems and #fwp, which can also be used to find other comical tweets referencing to FWP’s. Nonetheless, most of us have become aware of this expression due to the many FWP internet memes we’ve seen surface on our social networks.

First World Problems Internet Meme

However, it wasn’t until 2011 when the phrase, First World Problems really spiked due to more people searching for the term in Google’s Search Engine looking for related content.


With the popularity of the trend, “First World Problems”, it can be said that a large majority of us like it, and although the saying is silly and at times, overused, there are some things we can all learn from this comical phrase, to not sweat the small stuff, to always be grateful for what we do have, and that it is better to laugh at the trivial issues we sometimes refer to as “problems.”

This rap video is a great example and overall look at what we consider to be First World Problems, which, in all honesty are not problems at all.

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