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Connect Emotion With Content

There are plenty of people who are still unsure about using social media and question if there is any real point to include it in their business or personal branding efforts. Taking time every day to upload photos, leave comments, write status updates, or to tweet and like posts, seems a bit too much to take on, especially if you do not understand what social media is really for.

Many of us think using social networks is just about socializing with people online and although that is one way to use it, there is a more profound way in which it can be used. Social media is simple and isn’t as intricate or complex as one might think; it’s simply about making another person feel an emotion.

Whether you use social media for business or personal use, connecting and building relationships should always be your initial objective when posting to social networks. When finding images or writing status updates, first, think about how it makes you feel and how it might possibly make your online audience feel. Ask yourself, will it attract the kind of crowd you are looking to connect with or discourage them from interacting with you. In completing these tasks prior to posting, you can change the type and amount of engagement you receive.

Another important factor to consider is to stop becoming overwhelmed with how many followers, comments, or likes you have, for it will only set you up for disappointment. It is important to make your use of social media about the people and not numbers, for they are not one and the same, and although it is important to keep track of your analytics and to grow your accounts, they should never end up costing you the possibility of making a true connection.

It’s no secret that social media is a process and not a destination. Success (or your definition of success) does not happen overnight. It takes time, patience, reflection, and consistency to reach your goals, which can only happen if an emotion is felt by your audience with what you post.

For instance, if you post a lot of images about cats then you will attract those who also love cats. If you are a car dealership and you post many images of cars then you will appeal to car enthusiasts. Your audience is built by what you post, especially if you post a lot of the same or similar types of content. It’s simple; people are attracted to what makes them feel. If what you share on your social networks makes your audience feel happiness that sparks laughter, cuteness that causes an “aww” effect or peace and tranquility, than you will have a higher chance of engagement with a like, comment or share.

Cute Cat Photo Emotion

Your social networks should make people smile, laugh, feel joy and/or happiness (or whatever other type of emotion you wish to evoke) and you will not only make a connection with people and encourage them to engage, but will also connect that emotion to your name, picture, or brand. Thus, it is important to choose what you use as a way to engage on social networks, wisely.

Content connected to emotions, generates engagement, which ultimately creates connections.

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