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Pinterest You Are Drunk

Many of us are addicted to using social networking sites and in sharing funny photos with our online communities. This growing online obsession, to find and share interesting photos, has drawn many people to use the highly popular photo-sharing site Pinterest, which is where you can discover, explore, and post images that match your interests. If you are one of the many who uses the site regularly, then you have most likely come across an absurd photo or two that has caused you to erupt into laughter, due to being in disbelief that the item displayed in the image is one that actually exists.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk, is a site that provides an amusing and interesting photo collection of the many ridiculous items and images found on Pinterest and is where you too can submit strange images you have seen Pinned on the popular photo site.

The website, Pinterest, You Are Drunk, uses a clever mash-up of words by incorporating “Pinterest” and the popular internet saying “You Are Drunk” into its website domain name. The phrase, “You Are Drunk,” is often used when something weird or funny is happening where it shouldn’t be, insinuating that the person, place, or thing, has had a little too much to drink, which ultimately causes many of us to chuckle.

A lot of us would agree that there are more than a few strange and wacky images shared on Pinterest, which is why the website, Pinterest, You Are Drunk is so entertaining to visit. There are a variety of bizarre photos to explore that are shared to this site, such as odd products like, Taxidermy Necklaces.

Weird Items On Pinterest

As well as,  ludicrous photos, such as one of a bed that is too close to the edge, thus, rolling over would end in disaster.

Strange Photos On Pinterest

If you have found yourself questioning or laughing at some of the strange photos found on Pinterest and at times, felt that some of the items posted make no sense at all, then you may just get a kick out of exploring the humorous site, Pinterest, You Are Drunk.

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