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Coca-Cola Open HappinessOver the many years Coca-Cola has been a company that has made happiness a strong part of its brand’s identity through the use of clever marketing campaigns and advertising slogans. For instance, in 1923 the Company’s slogan was, “Enjoy life” and this year’s slogan is, “Open Happiness.” Coca-Cola has always encouraged us to share a Coke with a friend and now it wants us to share joyful images with its “Happy Places” network.

Coca-Cola’s Happy Places network is a combination of a photo-sharing social network and an iOS mobile app that allows users to share their happy moments with images. It is a place where you can upload and share your joyful photographs with other users, as well as, reminisce. You are also able to share outside of the “Happy Places” community by posting them on Facebook and/or Twitter. It is similar to that of the popular Instagram app, but comes without the photo-filters offered by Instagram.

Coca-Cola Happy Places

As reported by the site, BrandChannel, the domain “” was registered by Coca-Cola in June of this year, but is currently inactive. Versions of the Happy Places mobile app for both Android and Windows phone are currently not available for download, but the app is available for iOS users through the iTunes store, which was released on November 1st 2012. However, there is a similar app available by Coca-Cola that can be found in Google play for Android users called, “My Celebrations Photo Book”.

Coca-Cola New Mobile App

Although there are plenty of photo-sharing apps on the market to choose from, this new app by Coca-Cola is one that encourages you to be happy. It goes to show that the brand is continuing on with its happiness quest and wants you to come along with them by sharing your happy moments with the world.

Editor’s Note: The details of this app is currently limited and more will be released once the Coca-Cola Happy Places website is launched. Currently, no date is set.

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