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The days of handing in resumes are almost obsolete due to the easy and instant access potential employers have to the World Wide Web. Majority of the time, they already know a lot about you even before a job interview takes place. Online searches of your name can provide a great deal of information, especially if you are active on social networks. Why not present your professional side to possible employers with a Personified website designed by you. provides a free service that enables you to take control of your online reputation by giving you the ability to create a website to showcase your work history, talents, skills, and abilities. It is very easy to set-up and no technical or design knowledge is required.

Simply enter in your name or the name you wish to create a URL that will direct people to your webpage. You will then be presented with a short form to fill out and once completed, an activation link will be sent to the email address you provide. The link within the email, once clicked on, will automatically take you back to the dashboard in order to complete the set-up of the website.

There are plenty of sections located on the dashboard for you to showcase your work expertise. The first step is to fill out the introduction portion with information about yourself, which will show on the front page of your website.

You will be given the option to add photographs, videos, blog posts, and additional pages to your site. You can add sections to list your interests and skills, as well as, a contact information page. There are several display widgets that allow you to connect your Facebook page, latest tweets, blog comments, and/or to have people follow you on Twitter. There is also a section to add Google analytics for tracking purposes and you even have the ability to change the overall layout and design of the website.

Once all of the sections you wish to have included on your site are complete, you can easily launch it with a simple click of a button, which is located under the site settings section of the dashboard and your website then becomes visible to the world. gives you the advantage and ability to create, manage, and control a professional website that is designed by you. Instead of or in addition to giving a resume, let employers find out more about what you can offer their business with a website specially made with them in mind that is all about you.

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