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SNL Sloppy Swish Dance

As most of you are fully aware, one of the most popular dances right now is Gangnam Style due to its fun video and catchy song. However, on Saturday a new dance craze was born on an episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) and it just might take over the famous “Horse Dance” and have you doing the “Sloppy Swish”.

This unusual skit was performed on SNL which was called, The Legend of Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish. Anne Hathaway, who was the celebrity host, participated in the skit about a man dressed as a hippie who became a zombie after some questionable experiments was done on him in a lab.

This zombie-like man, named Mokiki, goes around Manhattan doing a hypnotic dance called the, “Sloppy Swish”. Hathaway played the role of his love interest and becomes hypnotized by his green venom, which ends up turning her into a Sloppy Swish dancing zombie too.

SNL is well-known for taking hot topics from world events and turning them into funny parodies, but never have we seen one quite like this before. The cast used the popular zombie trend and awkward dancing craze to create a weird, but really funny skit that has everyone talking. It is one we are sure to remember and it seems like it’s well on its way to becoming the new dance sensation.

Watch out Gangnam Style looks like you have some competition. However, Psy had a leg up by first broadcasting on YouTube, whereas, Mokiki was first shown on television, which begs the question, which one will win, Traditional or New Media?

This video is sure to tickle your funny bone and have you (and everyone else) doing the Sloppy Swish.

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