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Our college years are filled with sleepless nights, tons of homework, enormous amounts of ramen noodles and endless bowls of Kraft dinner. Our heads are overloaded with heaps of information and our fingers, sore, from infinite typing. Days seem to blend together and years go by extremely quick as we strive to achieve our goal of graduating.

Nonetheless, life as a college student is not just endless amounts of papers and assignments, although there are plenty of those, there are also parties to attend and friends to connect with. It is a constant balancing act between work and play.

Although we are all determined to gain a degree and to be awarded a diploma in the end, it would be nice to be rewarded throughout the years we are in college, right? Now you can, with Sumpto.

What is Sumpto?

Sumpto, which is currently in beta, is based in sunny Miami, FL and launched in late July 2012. It is a website specifically designed for college students where you can connect with friends via Facebook and Twitter, as well as, earn awesome rewards. The rewards are made up of exclusive promotions and free products from brands that are looking to target and engage with college students.

Sumpto is similar to other social influence sites we have become familiar with like, Klout and Kred, but is only offered to those who are currently in college.

How Is Your Social Influence Measured?

Through connecting your Facebook and Twitter account to Sumpto, a “Sumpto Score” is created based on your social influence. The score is a number between 1 -100 and is measured through Sumpto’s tailored algorithm, which is based on each college’s demographics and certain metrics.

The higher the “Sumpto Score” or social influence you have the bigger and better the rewards you will receive. You are also able to share the rewards you earn by tweeting them or by posting them on Facebook.

Sumpto also encourages community involvement by asking you which types of promotions or free products they should offer as rewards on their Facebook and Twitter, like this one (below) about which energy drink they should choose to run a Sumpto reward and they even offer those who participate, a chance to win a T-shirt from Brobible.

(Note: Check Sumpto’s Facebook Page for current promotions)

In addition to receiving awesome rewards, Sumpto chooses the best tweets each week from those who have tweeted about their rewards, which gives you the chance to win a weekly engagement prize. Yes, even more free stuff!

Get Registered With Sumpto

To register with Sumpto is very simple to do; you must be a college student and have an .edu email address to sign up and once you have, you can easily connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. That’s it, pretty easy, huh!

If you are a college student who enjoys social networking and loves free stuff, then Sumpto is the perfect place for you.


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