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Email is a widely popular method of communication used by many adults to send updates to loved ones about life events and milestones. Young children often watch their parents write and send emails, but lack the ability to send one too.

Preschoolers want to express themselves and share their thoughts with family and friends just as much as adults do, but have no online tool, which enables them to safely and effectively communicate with others. However, the application, Maily, changes all of this and allows children to have a voice too.

What is Maily?

Maily is a child-friendly email application for the iPhone and iPad. The app, developed by Raphael Halberthal and Tom Galle, is specifically designed for young kids ages 4-9 and visually appeals to those within this age group. This form of emailing, unlike the adult version, provides tools that meet the needs and skill set of young children.

Parents create their child’s Maily account by connecting with Facebook or by using their email address. Once created, kids are able to express themselves through the 5 tools provided by Maily, which are, pencils, brushes, photos, backgrounds, and stamps. Just like with traditional email, children will have their very own inbox, notifications, and contacts list.

Maily Tools

What Makes Maily Safe for Kids to Use?

The very reason why most parents do not allow their young children to send emails is due to the lack of safety online, but Maily allows you, the parent, to supervise, choose, and manage who your child communicates with.

Parents can opt-in to receive copies of every email sent or received and choose to approve or reject it before it ever reaches your child. Any email sent to you will be through your regular email account and replies to children must be done through the kid-friendly, Maily dashboard.

Introducing Maily for iPad from Maily on Vimeo.

Children are now able to send family members, like Grandma and Grandpa, electronic pictures, stories, and so much more. Let your kids start the conversation and give them the opportunity to share the way they see the world with Maily.

The free download of Maily is offered on the iTunes App Store.


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