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The social media community influence and outreach measuring site, Kred, has always provided us with a score that reflects how influential and engaging we are within our various social media communities, and yesterday, the makers behind Kred, PeopleBrowsr, launched, Kred Story.

Kred Story allows us to visually see our influence by not only giving us a Kred score, but through a visual history of our influence as well. It provides us with a more in-depth look at the details surrounding the different types of content we post, the people we interact and engage with most, as well as, the words we commonly use on our various social networks.

Kred Story places more of an emphasis on the main purpose of why most of us share articles, pictures, and various other types of content on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, which is to spark engagement and connect with people.

As stated yesterday on the Kred Blog by Andrew Grill the CEO of Kred,

It shifts the emphasis from scores and data to people and their content.”

It’s true, many of us like knowing how influential we are, but it doesn’t have to stop at just a score or number, nor should it. Kred Story takes analyzing your social media influence to a whole other level.

Currently, you must request an invite in order to use Kred Story , which can be done by providing your email address and twitter username or by tweeting the request.

Here’s an even closer look at what Kred Story can do for you.

Kred Story Overview Video from Kred by PeopleBrowsr on Vimeo.

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2 comments on “Kred Story Provides a Visual Stream of Your Social Media Influence

  1. Shawn Roberts

    Hi Amanda
    Glad to see you are enjoying the new Kred Story. We think social analytics should be accessible to everyone – and intuitive, too!
    Shawn from Kred

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Hey Shawn! I couldn’t agree with you more about social analytics being accessible and intuitive and am excited about Kred Story. Thanks for stopping by :)


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