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There has been some online debate over what the true meaning of a Facebook “like” is. Some people feel that just “liking” a status update is a sign of laziness, however, likes should be considered just as important as a Facebook comment.

Facebook “likes” tend to be under-appreciated and some-what misunderstood. Having the ability to express that we enjoy, appreciate or “like” a post without writing a single word should mean something. If you think about it, Facebook “likes” are similar to when we use facial expressions or hand gestures to illustrate how we feel, but it certainly doesn’t mean we are being lazy when we use these instead of words, does it?

Facebook “likes” are a form of saying, “thank you”, “I agree”, or the obvious, “I like that too,” simply with a click of a mouse or touch of a screen and although it is convenient and easy to do, it doesn’t make the “like” any less meaningful. We all want someone to “like” our posts, otherwise, why post anything at all? The truth is, we are not looking to win a popularity contest, instead, we are looking to be acknowledged and this is exactly what a Facebook “like” provides.

So the next time you receive a “like” on Facebook, remember its true meaning, a Facebook “like is that of an action which signifies someone has taken the time to acknowledge you and there is a lot of value in that.

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