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In December 2011, the Facebook Timeline became worldwide and it’s no secret that not everyone was thrilled by it. This new-ish feature has definitely taken some flack and from time to time, you may still see a post popping up in your newsfeed expressing the dislike. The two core reasons for the disapproval of the Timeline can usually be attributed to the resistance of change and the lack in understanding how to use it.

One common expressed frustration is in how posts have become more clumped together and less visible to other Facebook users. This has displeased many business owners who have a Facebook page, and rightfully so. Since the key goals of why companies use Facebook is to engage with customers, receive traffic, referrals, and generate sales; having status updates or posts unseen is not an option. Learning all the new changes that happen frequently on this popular social network can be difficult to undertake, especially when you do not know how or where to get started.

Just like most of us, businesses share information on Facebook to gain attention from other users of the site. Quotes, images, product information, etc. are usually the content we see, but some status updates may be more significant than others and it is essential that people see it. This is where using the “Highlight” feature on Facebook pages (and profiles too) comes in handy.


This screen capture is similar to what a Facebook Business page looks like prior to using the “Highlight” feature. As you can see, there is a lot of information to take in. What you cannot see is that there is one post in particular we wish to be more noticeable, that is without the big red arrow pointing at it that we pasted in, without it, there would be no way to tell. With the Highlight feature you can now make selected posts more prominent.


First scroll over a post you wish to “highlight”. On the right-hand side of every post, you will find a little “x” located in the corner. Once the “x” is clicked, a drop down will appear with multiple options for you to choose from. (Note: On Facebook Profiles there is a “star” instead of an “x”, in which to click-on when wanting to highlight a post.)

Observe that one of the selections is called, “Highlighted on Page” and once you click that option a check mark will appear beside it signifying that specific post is now highlighted on your Facebook Business page.


In the above screen capture, the arrow pointing downwards is the original post and the arrow pointing upwards is that very same post highlighted on the page. This feature makes the post larger by becoming the width of the Facebook page and more visible to other users. It will also make the post stand out on your timeline when users scan through it later on, either by month or by year.

It is a really great feature to use, but remember to use it in moderation for if every post or similar post(s) are the ones that are always highlighted then it defeats the purpose. So be selective in which piece of content you wish to use when wanting to make certain that a post is seen on your business page and start enjoying the Facebook Timeline a little bit more.


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