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Facebook… ah, good ole Facebook, it has left a major imprint in most of our lives. We share our emotions, thoughts, ideas, and opinions via our Facebook status updates, post photos of life’s events, big or small, and use it as a source to get our daily news and gossip. It has been good to us, dear ole Facebook, sort of like a robotic friend (well…close enough).

A lot of us turn to this popular social networking site several times a day and never do we miss any time meeting up with our Facebook friends online. Not only do we “like” you Facebook, we love you! So it is no surprise that people have created Facebook inspired merchandise, for the fanatics, like you and I. Seriously, we bring Facebook into our homes every day; why not do it literally.

Here are 7 quirky products for the Facebook fanatic in all of us and thank you Facebook for being a friend! <3

1. Facebook Reminder Birthday Card

Here’s a funny take on the birthday notifications we see every day on Facebook, instead it’s an actual Facebook inspired birthday card we can send to our friends.

2. Facebook Shower Curtain
This jaw dropping Facebook shower curtain will shock all of your friends, as it allows your face to become the profile picture that you would normally see on Facebook. It mimics your Facebook profile by giving your bathroom a facelift and adds humor to the normally mundane shower curtain.

3. USB Mail Box Friends Alert

This Facebook USB Mail Box, alerts you by making a sound and by lighting up when you receive notifications from your friends on Facebook and various other social networks.

4. You Like This – Wall Decal

Decorate any room with this Facebook inspired wall decal and personalize it with any word you choose. Change the word “Family” to your favorite food, place, or hobby etc. If you’d rather drive around in style, stick the decal to your car instead for it withstands rain, heat, and it should last up to 7 years or more.

5. Like Foam Hand

We are always “liking” stuff up on Facebook, why not do it in real life too. Whenever a friend says or does something you “like” just throw on this Facebook Like foam hand and give them a “thumbs up”.

6. Like A Boss Thumbs Up T-Shirt

The Like A Boss T-Shirt puts a funny spin on our “liking| activity on Facebook, as well as, a play on words using a popular internet phrase.

7. Facebook Bed

This Facebook bed is the only one included on our list that is currently just a concept and not a product you can actually buy, yet. However, it is definitely one we HAD to include for the Facebook fanatics out there, for if we could buy it, we would.

Which Facebook inspired product on our list would you buy?


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