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linkedin_businessWhy establish a presence on LinkedIn for your business? LinkedIn is a unique global social networking platform primarily focused on business networking: a powerful communication tool that will carry your marketing message to a wide range of influential contacts among its affluent membership. Build your professional network, increase exposure and attract excellent employees as well as new business. The opportunities for expanding brand awareness and growing your business are endless. The following is a sample of some powerful benefits for companies who choose to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer:

Build Your Network

Membership in LinkedIn now includes executives of all Fortune 500 companies and others that command a great deal of influence in the business community. Whether you market Business to Business or Business to Consumer, LinkedIn includes millions of Company Pages with reviews and recommendations of each company and key personnel from current customers as well as visitors. What a great way to increase sales by establishing credibility and a strong presence. Consider the possibilities of viewing other company profiles and networking with mutual connections for introductions to third party contacts and potential employees.

Unique Page Versions

One strong LinkedIn feature is the ability to create various versions of your business page for targeted marketing of your products and services to unique profiles. Take advantage of creating alternate promotions based on each segment of your business with special offers and incentives. For even greater flexibility promote your business geographically or design a default page with the same constant content.

Banners and Analytics

LinkedIn provides options for using three rotating banners on your home page including tags for use with Google URL builder. These tags enable tracking of visitors and driving traffic to your site while marketing the distinctive features of your business. LinkedIn offers page analytics for tracking page views as well as hits for individual products and services. One can create reports showing annual membership growth and engagement, website ROI, and website conversions and sales, for evaluating your overall online strategy. Additional metrics show links to companies in the same line of business for invaluable comparisons.

Driving Success

Finally, LinkedIn is a powerful and highly effective method for building a business through effective communication and social networking on a professional level. This business network offers powerful tools and unique functionality for building a successful business strategy and generating long-term profits.

Other than LinkedIn, your business can also profit from being on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These three social networks attract over a billion visits per day! If you are unsure how to start an effective SMM strategy, consider working with a reputable social media agency such as IronMonk Solutions.


About the Author:

John Kund is an expert Social Media Marketing specialist working for IronMonk Solutions, a New York based Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Agency with over 3 years of experience serving small and medium business worldwide. IronMonk focuses mainly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing and Traffic Generation.


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