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hire-fire-employees-using-social-networksIt seems that social networking sites are places in which users from across the globe can share anything with anyone. Every day, usually more than once a day, users log into their favorite social site like, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to share their daily happenings, blog posts, or important news, but being able to share so freely can have some downfalls. Unfortunately, many people feel they have some sort of shield protecting them from what they share on social networks, and many share things they may not have shared if they were networking face-to-face.

One such downfall comes from those who are looking for a job. How so? Employers, who are contemplating on hiring you, may use social networking sites as a screening tool, which, depending on what you post on your social profile and how you act on these sites, may prevent you from getting the job. It may also assist employers when deciding if you should be fired or not.

The online training firm Mindflash created the inforgraphic below that best explains how companies use social networks as a screening tool when deciding to hire and/or fire employees, as well as, 5 ways to ensure you never get hired.

(Click To Enlarge)business-social-screening-infographic

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