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twitter_new_featuresWhat’s happening? Is what we are usually asked when visiting, to get the conversation started, but something is “happening” to twitter that is worth talking about this time. On August 10th 2011, Twitter began rolling out its latest features, two to be exact. The first new feature lets users see when someone retweets or favorites one of their Tweets and the second feature highlights the latest Retweets, Follows, and Favorites from followers, located all in one convenient place.

1. New Twitter Username Feature – It’s All about You

This feature is more about the user (You). It allows users to discover what is happening on Twitter in relation to them. By clicking on the new tab with your @username, you will be able to see who has recently started to follow you; who has been retweeting your tweets; the tweets that are directed to you; and which of your tweets have been favorited by others.

Example of Feature #1:

new-twitter-feature-1(Source: Twitter Blog)

2. New Twitter Activity Feature – It’s All about Your Followers

This feature is more about the Followers (people who follow you). It lets users discover which tweets are the most interesting and inspiring to those they follow. The new Activity tab provides users with Favorites, Follows, and Retweets of their Twitter followers.

Example of Feature #2:

new-twitter-feature-2(Source: Twitter Blog)

What is interesting about both of these new features is in how they both focus on the social aspect we want to receive from our Twitter experience. Most of us want to know the impact that we have on our followers when we tweet, which feature #1 offers; as well, we want to know what interests our followers have so that we can connect even more with each of them from those interests, which feature #2 provides.

It is refreshing to see that Twitter is keeping the social in social media alive, especially with new social networks popping up all the time. It is important that we can share information instantly with a send of a tweet, but it is also important that we connect with those we are tweeting too. These latest features will certainly help us do just that as we continue to share, discuss, and discover “What’s happening?” on Twitter.


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