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5-Tips-To-Get-More-Retweets-On-TwitterTwitter is more than just a place for chatter, it is a place where content is shared, re-shared, and shared again. If done right, Twitter can spread 140 characters to a limitless amount of people, but it takes more than slapping a few words together and a push of the “Tweet” button to get a retweet. It takes a person who wants to take control of their tweets, maximize their tweeting potential and draw the attention from their followers, you know, kind of like a boss would.

5 tips to make you tweet like a boss and for your tweets to be even more retweet worthy:

twitter-viral1. For a Tweet to Stand Out, Include a Shout Out – No matter if you are sharing a blog post link, talking about a great movie you saw with a few friends last night, or if you are letting people know of an awesome website you stumbled upon, people like to be mentioned. Let’s face it, people have always loved to get a shout out, be it on television, radio, or even now, on Twitter. In order to make a tweet stand out from the rest is to mention people within the tweet.

Simply put, mention those in the blog post, the friends you went to the movies with, or the person who owns the awesome website you happened to come across. In doing this, people with whom you mentioned and those who know the people you gave the shout out to, will be more willing to hit retweet.

2. Want A Retweet? Keep It Short And Sweet – To encourage others to want to retweet your tweets is simple: Keep them short and sweet. It is widely known that you can only use 140 characters when creating a tweet, but that does not mean you have to use them all. It is good practice to try and stay under 120 characters (if you can), that way people can add a word or two when retweeting your tweet.

Another way to keep your tweets short and sweet is by using tools that shorten links. Such great tools to use are and Remember that too short can look bad too, like when you just drop a link, so think before you tweet and choose precise words that allow readers quickly get to the point.

3. Don’t Let Your Tweets Fall to the Waste Side, Multiply – Always remember that there are different time zones and if you only tweet a tweet once than you are missing out on reaching other parts of the world, which results in missing out on a larger audience. That said, do not tweet every tweet multiple times, focus only on the important ones. It may not be easy to keep track or even remember all the time zones, but a good rule to follow is to tweet important tweets 3 times a day, 8 hours a part. This will not overwhelm your followers with the exact same tweet being sent out too close together.

If you would prefer to be more precise with which times are best for you, there are many great tools out there that retrieve and analyze previous tweets to find out when you received the most retweets in the past, as well as, tell you what time(s) you receive the most engagement. In doing any of these will allow your tweets to reach their full potential, which increases the amount of people you reach and inevitably the amount of retweets that those tweets receive. Some such tools are: Timely, TweetWhen, and TweetStats.

4. Exercise Hashtags Using Effective WaysHashtags are a great way to reach audiences that are searching for specific keywords, but it is important to use them effectively. Many people use the “Twitter Search” tool to locate tweets that match their interests and hashtags help them find just what they are looking for, so be sure to include some with your tweets. A perfect example is if you are tweeting about social media, be sure to include the hashtag #socialmedia at the end of your tweet, that way it can be easily found by people searching those keywords.

When sending out an important tweet, make sure that the hashtags you use are relevant to what you are sharing within your tweet. When choosing what keywords to use within a hasahtag, choose wisely. An example would be if you were sharing a blog post titled, “Dear Facebook: Please Leave Our News Feeds Alone”, using #socialmedia as a hashtag would be effective, but to be more specific would be even better, so use the hashtag #Facebook, or both. It is recommended that you only use one or two hashtags per tweet. This will lessen your tweet from looking too cluttered, as well as, too spammy. From this, you will reach a larger audience and will more than likely receive more retweets because of it.

5. Choose Interesting Content to Tweet, Then Breathe, and Repeat – Discover what your followers are interested in and then tweet content relative to their interests, it is that simple. If you are not interested in what your followers are tweeting about, then the best advice would be to find new followers that match your interests. There is one other key factor to remember when tweeting, which is, allow some time for a retweet to happen. Sending tweet after tweet leaves no room for a retweet to occur, so be sure to tweet interesting content than make time to breathe before tweeting another one.

It is important to share information, but it is just as important to get your information shared by others. Use these 5 tips to keep you “tweeting like a boss “which will help your tweets get more retweet action.

What do you do to get a Retweet? Share your best tips in the comments below.


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